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Living in the Golden Present - Music CD 2016:



 Living in the Golden Present_Swami SatchidanandaLiving in the Golden Present_Swami Satchidananda* Words by Sri Swami Satchidananda 

 * Music by Ariane Jaya (except "Play, Play, Play" 2nd Part by René Laudi)

 * Recorded, mixed and produced by René Laudi

Special thanks to all participating musicians for their creative contribution, and to Doris Rohr, Monika Jarchow and to Christa Ziegler for their support.

Sri Swami Satchidananda´s words, photo, and the All Faiths Yantra used with permission of Satchidananda-Ashram Yogaville.

 (c) & (p) 2015 - 2016 Ariane Jaya & René Laudi




With deep gratitude to my spiritual teacher
Nalanie Chellaram, Chairwoman of the Integral Yoga Centres
in Gibraltar and Sotogrande in Spain.





Adapt Adjust Accomodate official music video (Track 7 of the CD):





1 Satchidananda (I´m not this Body)                        
feat. Carla Pontes 3:14
Guitars, Percussion: Ariane Jaya

2 Let go and let God 6:17
Vocals, Guitars, Shrutibox: Ariane Jaya
Keyboards: René Laudi

3 The Master´s Presence 3:04
Vocals, Guitars: Ariane Jaya
Soprano Sax: Rémi Gallet
Keyboards: René Laudi

4 Have Complete Faith
feat. Carla Pontes 3:26
Guitars, Percussion: Ariane Jaya
Bass: Richard Brogden

5 It´s all for Good 3:41
Vocals: Ariane Jaya, René Laudi
Guitars: Ariane Jaya
Keyboards: René Laudi

6 The Golden Present 2:54
Vocals, Guitars, Percussion: Ariane Jaya
Sound features, Keyboards: René Laudi

7 Adapt, Adjust, Accommodate 8:53
Vocals, Guitars, Shrutibox,
Rainmaker: Ariane Jaya
Solo guitar: Jonny Bull
Udu: António 'To' Mandala
Keyboards: René Laudi


8 Think Well feat. Carla Pontes 2:59
Guitars, Percussion: Ariane Jaya
Piano: René Laudi

9 Trust 2:41
Vocals, Guitars: Ariane Jaya

10 Good and Bad 4:14
Vocals, Guitars: Ariane Jaya
Keyboards: René Laudi

11 Become Humble Instruments in the
hands of God feat. Carla Pontes 3:08
Guitars: Ariane Jaya

Keyboards: René Laudi

12 Play, Play, Play
feat. Carla Pontes 9:42
Introduction voice: Leni Eves
Vocals: Carla Pontes
Guitars: Ariane Jaya
Keyboards, Xylophone: René Laudi


Track 1, 4, 8, 11 & 12 Lead Vocals by Carla Pontes




My intention in creating these songs was to give easy access to
the essential teachings of my beloved guru Sri Swami
Satchidananda in day-to-day life.
In German there is a nice word for a catchy tune: earworm!
As I have sung the songs a lot, it now happens that in certain
situations the matching song springs into my mind replacing
worries or anxieties (still not free of them ;-))
with ease, love and happiness.
May we all realize our True Self, which is Sat Chid Ananda…



Hari OM...Hari OM...