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Peaceful Mind…


Through yoga and meditation I found my way back to my passion of chanting and playing instruments.

Music is sound, is vibration, is energy. Music is Life. Mantra Music is Love.

My mission with Meditative Mantra chanting and singing healing songs is to provide an empowering and safe space that enables the participant to connect with his/her True Self so that joyful Unity is experienced and healing can happen.



The one who knows the secret of sound knows the mysterium of the

entire Universe

Hazrat Inayat Khan




Meditative Chanting


The mantras and healing songs have just a few words and a simple melody and are frequently being repeated.
This is why the singing becomes lighter and lighter, and even people who are not used to singing (anymore) are easily reaching that relaxed state where without straining “it sings” in oneself.



Chanting helps us to let go of permanent thinking. We go deeper and deeper into relaxation and enjoy being in the moment.
This kind of singing creates stability in the certainty of infinity. In this stability it is possible for us to open our hearts, and we feel deeper love and compassion for ourselves and others. We come in tune with ourselves: everybody is welcome with his or her voice and mood. There is no right or wrong. We can feel comfortable as a consequence of the deeper breathing and the singing vibrations.



We come from sound

We are the sound

We go back to sound
                            Vemu Mukunda



The Sanskrit words are not just any words – they have a holy meaning, express respect of the nature, or just joy of life.

We also sing healing songs from many different cultures (Native Indian, English, Hawaiian, German, Brazilian, Hebrew, Arabic, African...) and own compositions.

With different guitars, an Indian harmonium and various percussion instruments.



This experience goes beyond the singing

To a deeper experience of Unity:


 Our True Self is revealed


Chanting together...


Please contact me, I am looking forward to singing with you / your yoga group or your guests /

as an enrichment program for seminars...


Phone Ariane Jaya: (+351) 962 962 410

German, English and Portuguese spoken!