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Easeful body...



Resolving scars and adhesions in the body


Freeing the body structures to improve posture and movement has turned out to be my vocation because of a severe burn accident that I suffered in 2008.

For a long time the importance of the connective tissue was only known by a few. Just recent scientific research has revealed that the fascia plays a fundamental role in physical health and flexibility.


Searching for treatments for my scars to get them softer and more pliable, and to reach a better flexibility, I was quickly convinced by the Boeger Therapy®: a systemic, manual method that manipulates the connective tissue or fascia, that is highly effective and has an astonishingly freeing effect.





The Fascia - an endless system


The fascia is a connected network that extends throughout the body, including all organs. It is not only visible scars that disturb both the nutrition of the system as well as the removal of the toxins, and limit the suppleness of body. Also adhesions or glued, matted fascia – provoked by inflammations, bruises or injuries – block the natural flow and restrict healthy body functions.


Meanwhile it is scientifically proved that also ongoing psychological stress has negative effects on the fascia (Dr. Robert Schleip).



Leading an upright life


Healthy tissue structures can be shifted against each other easily - adhesions, however, lead to a blockage (hardened tissue, little knots, liquid build-ups). The movements cannot go to the full extent. Often the organs are also affected. The loss of mobility forces the patient into an avoiding posture. The body reacts with pain and premature wear and tear.

It is often not perceived, that scars and inflammatory adhesions may be the reason for these symptoms. 

However, these blockages can be resolved when considering the whole of the body and its tension patterns!




The uneven posture automatically affects the „inner posture“. The consequences can be tension, lack of energy, indisposition as far as low self-esteem or fear.

Resolving blockages on the physical level, this process often sets free energies on the emotional level – inner freedom and flexibility can be achieved.




Free gliding Fascia: pain-free and flexible - experience a

new quality of Life!


My objective with the Boeger Therapy is helping patients to improve their life quality significantly and help prevent further damage that can be caused by matted fascia. I concentrate fully on the needs of the patient, giving what is required. Many chronic troubles that have been resistant to therapies can be successfully resolved with the Boeger Therapy. The success of this treatment is immediately apparent: the adhesions literally “melt”, and the amplification of the body movements is measurable, shown by movement tests in the beginning and end of each session.




This treatment can also be applied preventatively. Dissolving the blockages enables the body´s self-healing force to act optimally again. The augmented flexibility of the patient reduces the danger of injuries caused by falls and accidents. Moreover, the individuals´ capability and life quality is increased.


Ariane JayaAriane Jaya


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I work together

with the German association CICATRIX e. V. (Verein für Menschen mit Verbrennungen und Narben)


I also counsel burn injured patients and put at disposal my wide treasure of experience in terms of treating scars of extended areas and their consequences.



I speak German, English and Portuguese.