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 My motto, inspired by Sri Swami Satchidananda (founder of Integral Yoga®):

Have an easeful body, a peaceful mind and a useful life!




I (i.ch.) am...

Born and raised in Bavaria

Travelling Europe and Brazil

Loving the Algarve / Portugal

Conscious woman

Guitar player

Shrutibox player


Barefoot walker

Sea lover

Alive and clear


Divine ensouled essence, well-grounded and...

...on the way...



Trainings / Formations:


since 2010 over and again Fascia-Therapy trainings at the Swiss Academy of Scar Therapy with David Boeger


2012 Course in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Paracelsus Institute Rosenheim)


2017 Certificate: Boeger®-Therapist

This qualification contains dermatological anatomy, the musculoskeletal fascia-system, the venous-lymphatic system and the organs of the digestive tract in diagnosis and therapy of adhesions


2017/18 Training in Constellation Work and Healing Fields - tools for systemic thinking and acting. With

Dr. Kristina Brode and Gabrielle Steiner


2018 Training in Psychosynthesis ("Coming home to myself")



Further important points for my Inner growth:


since 2006 Integral Yoga® with main emphasis on Japa Yoga (Mantra Chanting) and Hatha Yoga


2008 I had a severe burn accident where I suffered heavy scars, and had a close to death experience


2013 Medicine Buddha Retreat with Pyar


2015/16 CD-Production: "Living in the Golden Present"


2016 Initiation Retreat Green Tara Practice with Sylvia Wetzel


2016 Initiation Retreat White Tara Practice with Lama Tilmann Lhündrup Boghardt


since 2018 Seminars, Resarch and Application of Orthomolecular Medicine and species-appropriate Nutrition




Truth is One, Paths are manyTruth is One, Paths are many